Corporate Backers of Hate

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Corporate Backers of Hate

Major corporations stand to profit from Trump’s hateful agenda. That’s why we call them Backers of Hate. The facts supporting why we say each company backs hate are here. Then tell their CEOs and Board members what you think!

Make the Road NY - Corporate Backers of Hate Campaign

Major American corporations are deeply complicit in the hateful politics of Donald Trump and have already shown their eagerness to profit from the policies of a far-right, white supremacist White House. For these companies, the Trump administration offers an opportunity to profit from the mass suffering and exploitation of others. Their impact spans all of the issues on which the Make the Road regional network and Center for Popular Democracy affiliates nationwide focus, including: immigration, education, mass criminalization of communities of color, workers rights, LGBTQ justice, and affordable housing. Since Election Day, many of these corporations have joined Trump’s Business Council and begun to pursue “market opportunities” tied to Trump’s agenda, including the border wall and massive proposed investements in immigration enforcement and detention, punitive “law and order” and “broken windows” policing, the evisceration of workers’ rights, attacks on public education, and an all-out assault on the environment.

The “Corporate Backers of Hate” campaign needs a splashy new website that will name and shame key corporate targets and enable people around the country to directly contact the CEO and board members of these companies to demand they disassociate from the Trump administration AND cease their profiteering activities in one key way. This will follow the model of “Occupy the Boardroom.” To maximize synergy with existing movement infrastructure, targets will include several big-name companies that are already the subject (e.g., Uber and Goldman Sachs).

Group leader/s

  • Sonya Reynolds
  • Daniel Altschuler

Working Group specific question

What kind of technical project is this? (A website? An app? A mobile service? A campaign?)


What stage is the project at? (Ideation, implementation, or beta?)

-Ideation / implementation: Aiming to launch by ~ 4/20

What is the problem you are trying to solve, and why is it a problem?

-We are taking on corporate complicity and profiteering with the Trump administration’s politics of hate. We are trying to create a platform that will directly pressure executives and board members who are too often insulated from the consequences of their actions (and complicity).

Do you know of any similar solutions? And what was lacking in the solution?

-No, though a similar concept was used for Occupy the Boardroom in 2011 to pressure corporations, and we are basing our concept on this. More here.

Tags Engagement
Creators Sonya Reynolds
Daniel Altschuler
James Vaughan
And many more
Launched May 2017