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#30 Tech workers and the power of solidarity

Tech workers and the power of solidarity

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Many of us tech workers enjoy perks in our workplaces. Some get really great employment packages, free catering, a shuttle bus service, paid leaves, and a robust health plan. However, in those same work places, the cafeteria workers may be subcontractors that earn lower-than minimum wage. Or shuttle drivers who are negotiating for farer and sensible work conditions.

At the end of the day, we are all workers.

And as workers, we have got to show solidarity to fellow workers who are fighting for better working conditions, a better life for themselves and their families.

We must. And we can.

Join us on May 22 to have an open discussion about labor and what you can do to affect change in your workplaces. We will have Yana Calou, organizer at, to share the work they have done in bringing wage justice in Facebook, pressuring IBM to pull out of privacy-encroaching contracts, and how we can do it in our own backyard.

Yana Calou is an organizer, communications strategist, media activist, and writer. Yana has a background in gender studies, women’s and LGBTQ American history. They have trained hundreds of activists on how to make change at work, developed trainings on cultural sensitivity, how to use media for social change on issue-specific campaigns such as ethics in tech, economic justice for low wage workers, LGBTQ justice, reproductive justice, and more.

Breakout groups will commence right after. Bring your laptops!

Agenda and meeting notes