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#18 Progressive HackDay

Progressive HackDay

Bring your laptops!

Progressive HackNight is proud to invite you to our first ever HackDay

HackDay will be a day long hackathon featuring three projects selected to be easy to ramp up on covering a range of topics in the progressive space. Each project will have at least one representative from their team in attendance to lead their breakout group.

We’re really excited about these projects, and think they embody a commitment to project quality over quantity. We can’t wait to see our community get a chance to dive in deep with a project for a whole afternoon.

Again, bring your laptops!


Spoke is an open source text-distribution tool for organizations to mobilize supporters and members into action. Spoke allows you to upload phone numbers, customize scripts and assign volunteers to communicate with supporters while allowing organizations to manage the process.

MoveOn used it effectively during the defense of the ACA in September and has been using it ever since for daily actions. GetUp in Australia is using it effectively for their Marriage Equality campaign. Color of Change has begun using it now, and many other groups are starting to try it out

New Sanctuary Coalition

The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC is an interfaith network of congregations, organizations, and individuals, standing publicly in solidarity with families and communities resisting detention and deportation in order to stay together.

New Sanctuary Coalition’s custom internal software facilitates their Accompaniment Program, which accompanies an average of 40 people to their hearings and ICE check-ins with the help of about 300 volunteers. The software also supports the Immigration Clinic, assisting an average of 100 asylum seekers with their applications each month with the help of about 400 volunteers.

Border Buddy

Border Buddy is a web app that connects at-risk travelers with free legal help at U.S. airports. Travelers who are at risk of being detained and/or interrogated by U.S. authorities at airport borders register with the service, which tracks their flight status and asks for confirmation (via SMS) that the traveler has safely made it through customs. If the traveler does not respond and is otherwise unreachable, the attorney assigned to the traveler’s case begins contacting CBP on their behalf.

Border Buddy was developed at Hack the Ban after Donald Trump first announced his Muslim Ban in late January. The project is a collaboration between developers, CUNY CLEAR, and MPower Change. It’s currently in beta user testing and has been successfully used by travelers flying into JFK.

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