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#17 NYC Votes 2017

NYC Votes 2017

It’s election day! Don’t forget to vote on November 7, 2017 when New York will get out the vote for local elections and some special elections on the state level. Find your polling station with this nifty tool!

At 6:30p on Nov 7, join the conversation about what’s at stake, who’s who on the ballot, and how can the results affect you.

Aside from discussing the election, we will cover civic data that empowers election information and dissemination. We will talk about WeVote and how this application provides all the tools you need to be an informed citizen.

Mohammed Naeem, organizer with Organizing for Action, will join us and guide us through the ins and outs of this pivotal election season. 6:30pm • November 7, 2017 • ThoughtWorks NYC

About Mohammed

Mohammed Naeem is ​an Organizer ​with Organizing for Action​. Over the last year, he​ ​has played a leadership role in executing some of the largest, most critical national​ ​mobilizations, including the March from Charlottesville to Washington DC, Tax March,​ ​March for Truth, and others​. ​Naeem sits on OFA’s Immigration Leadership Team​ and is an Advisory Board Member for Mina’s List​.

Agenda and meeting notes