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#13 Indivisible New York

Indivisible New York

For our September 12 hacknight, we will have leaders from Indivisible groups in New York tell their stories, the actions they’re doing locally, and how technologists can help amplify the amazing work on the ground. Indivisible’s mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the regressive agenda of the current administration.

Indivisible has engaged with techies and harnessed their energy to create applications that mobilize and engage. showed how the ObamaCare repeal could affect the lives of millions of Americans. Their “Act Locally” map provides an easy to access way of finding a nearby group for people who want to be involved, and their website was built by an amazing group of super volunteers with great eyes for design.

The focus for this hacknight are the Indivisible groups in New York. We are excited to see you all!

Civic and Progressive Hacking starts right after the speakers, the civic/progressive hacking will start at around 7:30pm

About Progressive Hacknight

We’re all about making great ideas happen.

Progressive HackNight is a bi-weekly gathering of coders and creatives, makers and doers, to foment and inspire action. We use our collective talents and abilities to push forward pro-social change in benefit of the common good.

An intersection of technology and activism. A physical space for progressive activists, organizers, data wranglers, ux/ui designers, and coders to come together, discuss the issues, and work on projects together that will drive the movement forward. This event is open to technologists, organizers, data enthusiasts, ux/ui, creatives, project managers, product managers, coders, etc, of all backgrounds/experiences.

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