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#12 Progressive HackPitchNight

Progressive <strike>Hack</strike>PitchNight

Aug 29 is Progressive Hack PitchNight

Hi! Julian from the Progressive HackNight Steering Committee here. A lot has happened in the last ten months. I know a lot of attention has been focused on the recent 6 month milestone of the Trump administration in office, but for me, the real shift happened back in November.

Since then we’ve seen so much new activism, so many fantastic ideas, so many urgent calls to action. But when you’re organizing enthusiasm, there’s more energy required to produce results. Recruitment requires awareness, focus craves evangelism and diligence and everything demands effort. So we’ve been discussing internally how can we better support projects to achieve their goals.

Improve awareness building and breathe new life into them. More than the introductions afforded workgroups, or the straightforward reportage of a GitHub page. Instead a bone fide pitch delivered by it’s greatest advocate - YOU! the project’s founders.

Introducing Progressive PitchNight

To that end, we’d like to introduce Progressive PitchNight - a new programming initiative of Progressive HackNight. On these nights, instead of a speaker, two projects will stand and pitch our community on their purpose, values, opportunities for collaboration and vision for the outcome.

Your pitch will be presented live in the room to those gathered as well as livestreamed on our social platforms. You’ll have 10 minutes to tell us about your project and 10 minutes for Q&A. Your pitch deck and the video of your pitch will then be available online on our website for reference by future collaborators. Before and after your pitch, we’ll feature your project on our social media platforms, periodically check in with you on your progress, and promote your workgroups on our regular HackNights.

We’re Seeking Submissions!

We’ll be accepting submissions on a rolling basis for inclusion in the next programming slots moving forward. Some consideration will be given to timely projects in reaction to current events, (for instance, a project focused on racism and bigotry would be really timely right about now) otherwise we will be featuring projects on a first come first serve basis.

At the end of this post, we’ve provided a questionnaire - please fill it out and send it along to us at the #proghacknight channel in the Prog Code slack or in the #pitch-zone channel on the Progressive HackNight Slack. Or you can email us your responses at

Once we’ve reviewed your submission, we’ll be picking two projects per PitchNight to present. We’ll respond back to you with a confirmation of receipt and then follow up with any additional questions as well as when we’ll be able to program your stand up.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got working!

Food & Drinks sponsor: NYPAN

We’re so excited to have NYPAN sponsor the food for this hacknight! A state wide network of more than 25 affiliates. Focused on Progressive actions all throughout New York.

Agenda and meeting notes
Sponsor New York Progressive Action Network