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#5 Eve Ahearn of

Eve Ahearn of

The speaker for this hacknight is Eve Ahearn, Product Manager at Eve is scouting out cool data. She completed a MSc at the Oxford Internet Institute, thinking about data policy under the supervision of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. In a past life, Eve spent a year teaching AP U.S. History at Weston Prep in Panama City, Panama.

The focus of the talk was about public data. Enigma believes that public data should be useful and universally accessible.

According to, public data reflects more of our everyday lives than most of us realize. It’s everywhere, from a plane taking off at an airport to a barrel of crude oil flowing through a pipeline to a new drug being approved. These things exist in specific and separate public datasets, but together, they can provide a vast and powerful view of what’s happening in the world.

They believe that society will only be able to tackle tough challenges if people can freely access and analyze public data. They are committed to building tools and platforms that enable people to work together to hold the public and private sector accountable, challenge inequality, and promote a robust civil society.

Checkout’s Public Data page

Food Food and drinks will be provided. We encourage attendees to bring their own water bottles to reduce waste.

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