Recap: Dispatches from the Grassroots – Ocasio 2018

Published on Aug 2, 2018 by Rapi Castillo , LaVesha Parker

Progressive Hacknight
Speakers at the July 31 HackNight

Last Tuesday, we heard dispatches from the Ocasio 2018 grassroots. The message we heard was clear: if you feel helpless, the solution is simple–start doing something. You’ll be surprised about how much your work can impact and build a movement.

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When Ingrid decided to do something, her actions led to a positive impact for her and her community. She started to reachout to her community and get to know her neighbors, the issues they face, and how best to help them.

Aaron only first started going to meetings after the 2016 election, and he went on to help organize efforts that resulted in voter outreach across 11,000 households. Corey’s journey in the campaign started the moment she decided to answer a call for volunteers.

As much as these stories were tales of hope, they also painted a picture of trust and love. Corey was able to shoot amazing photos because of the campaign’s trust in her expertise. Scott and Maria were able to create the Ocasio 2018 design system because the campaign saw their skill and empowered them, and Vigie consistently and constantly believed in the team and gave them the tools they needed.

We hope that you were inspired by these stories and that you will continue building this community with us. We are so excited to continue working with you towards a society centered on justice and dignity for all.

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If you’re not yet on slack, join the Progressive HackNight slack! You’ll find folks from Spoke Text, MyReps, GetOrganizedBK, and all the other breakout groups we’ve had yesterday. Also, here’s the form for Service Corps volunteer page and their Client Page if you want to engage with them.

Our next HackNight is on August 14. Hope to see you there!

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