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Published on Sep 1, 2017 by Rapi Castillo

Progressive Hacknight
Nancy de Delva of [NYPAN](http://nypan.org) pitching a solution for voter disenfranchisement in New York
at the Progressive Hacknight on Aug 29, 2017

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Last Tuesday, we witnessed how the Progressive Hacknight is becoming an amazing space of collaboration and creation. Techies and organizers from different progressive spaces collaborated on projects focused on gender equality, single-payer healthcare, universal basic income, voter empowerment, and more — all these were being built in our humble space! We are so honored and excited to be working alongside you towards a better New York. Among the breakout groups:

  • Nancy, Traci, and Emily of NYPAN are looking for help to reach out to 3 million non-party-affiliated voters to educate them on the importance of participating in the primaries.
  • Gary and Duncan are looking for coders to help them out with WinWisely.
  • Khalil is working on a project that is advocating for universal basic income (UBI), and how we can make this system a reality. He’s looking for a co-founder!
  • Dorothy created a breakout group that aims to connect people with differing viewpoints with each other.
  • Sherry is looking for support on building the GenEquality website. GenEquality activates gender equality with and for everyone.
  • Annie, Joel and Patricia continue the #GetOrganizedBK working group. Wordpress gurus wanted!
  • Tasha is building the #PetitionParty! Petition party wants to personalize the political process for voters in NYC by engaging youth & adults before, during & after the Petition Season. And add a link to her twitter: @petitionparty.
  • Nick’s breakout is working on how to use voter file data to effectively engage and reach out to communities.
  • Judy and Shahrukh worked with Rapi in finding solutions for the stress points surrounding writing Letters to the Editor for the Universal Healthcare movement.

If you want to collaborate and help build any of the tools above, please fill out this very brief form so we can connect you with the breakout leader.

Collaborate with a breakout group!

For our next hack night on September 12, we will have Indivisible Guide affiliates in New York talk about their stories! Indivisible is made up of 6,000 groups across the United States, and has been on the ground, holding representatives accountable. Through their collective efforts, they have been instrumental in protecting healthcare, and are now working towards protecting DACA recipients. Read more about it in our events page.

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Also on September 12, it’s the New York Primaries! Steering Committee member Sonya Reynolds is leading a texting team with Hispanic Federation, New York Immigration Coalition and Common Cause, to remind/inform new voters on how and where to vote!

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About the author

Rapi is a member of the ProgHacknight steering committee.