Progressive HackNight mobilizes tech workers for progressive causes.

At Progressive HackNight, we design, plan, and organize around technology that addresses inequity and promotes a society that works for all. We take a strong stance that technology that breeds injustice and oppression should be dismantled.

Our bi-weekly hacknights, open- source projects, and issue-based campaigns educate and empower advocates and tech workers to create progressive change. More about us

Upcoming Progressive Hacknights

About Progressive HackNight

Join us every other Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:30 pm on the 15th floor of ThoughtWorks NYC to hear from amazing speakers, discuss progressive issues and work on grassroots projects. Everyone is welcome!

Progressive HackNight creates a space for tech workers to build technology and relationships.

At each HackNight, learning groups meet to discuss and strategize about important issues, and working groups provide opportunities for our members to use their skills to create a positive impact. Through our learning groups and working groups, we create networks inside and outside our organizations.

Join our community

Progressive Hacknight is a hub for New York's progressive tech community. Here are the three best ways to get involved:

1. Come to Progressive Hacknight! We meet every other Wednesday at 6:30pm

2. on upcoming speakers and events

3. Browse our breakout groups to get involved

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